Tuesday, 20 August 2013

American Football in UK

My British husband enjoys watching American Football games on TV, especially when he was younger and could stay up till 4 in the morning without any consequences the next day. I also have a British Friend whose husband goes every year to the NFL game in Wembley. There is going to be 2 games this year and general admission tickets are already sold out. If you love American football and want to avoid the expense and late nights, The British American league might be for you. Okay, the level of play is nowhere near professional, but having recently attended a game of the Swindon Storm (all 50 teams on their national and premier teams have great names by the way), I can say it’s still definitely worth a look, especially  if you love American Football.  Their season runs April to August and in the Swindon Storms case it was no frills, free admission. This was Swindon Storms first official season back after 15 years and they play at the Supermarine Rugby Club. They played the Cornish Sharks and they looked fairly evenly matched until the second half when The Storm seemed to have found their game. There was about 50 of us their supporting the Storm and it was really neat to be so close to the action of the game and there were some really great plays to watch.  Another interesting aspect of the game was that theplayers come in all shapes, sizes and ages and to see their dedication to the game was really inspiring. I enjoyed the couple of hours we spent in the sunshine watching pure American Football in England. Thanks Swindon for winning 24-10, we especially liked that bit.