Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lands End Outlet

Finally months of gentle persuasion (nagging) paid off with hubby taking me to a day out to the Lands' End outlet this past weekend. Truth be know, I've never shopped at Lands' End before but had looked on it's online catalogue.  It had a feel of a sportier Gap.  In the end, we spent 2 hours in Lands' End and didn't make it to any of the other shops. We had hoped to find some winter coats for the girls but their coat stock seemed low. Most of the tags said they were catalogue returns but we were pleased with the quality. My husband got 2 jeans for £20 and the kids still got some reasonably priced jeans, t-shirts and shoes. Nothing for me this time, except the experience and unexpectedly an A & W root beer from an oriental cafe' across the way.   
May 2013 Update- as Land's End no longer in Maidenhead, Check out this website to see the location nearest to you..,en_GB,pg.htm
Also, have a look at Debenhams next time you are in, as they are starting to carry Lands' End merchandise.


  1. They just opened a big outlet mall on the west side of OKC this past weekend. I don't know what all stores they have but will probably be visiting it soon.

  2. Thanks for this - I had no idea they had a Lands End here.. I always stock up when I go back to the States for a visit; might not have to do that now.

  3. They also have some good clearance items online. I recently bought my daughter a nice hoody (half off regular price).

  4. This outlet is closing April and may or may or may not be relocating. Went a couple of weeks ago and they had 25 percent off outlet prices.