Thursday, 17 October 2013

American Candy

This time of year the candy aisle starts bulging even more for Halloween. Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger in this country, and although not all Brits are delighted about it, most American expats I know are  happy at the prospect of more decorations, more costumes and definitely more american candy . Tesco and ASDA, now carry a little American candy section both online and in store. Now whether it is permanent or not is uncertain as so many American items that make their way here seem to come and go or be stocked sporadically.   There was even a sighting from an  American Expat Foodie Facebook page, called American Eats, of Hershey’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cups at Tesco. Hershey’s peanut butter cups seem to be the 1st American candy that I noticed going mainstream in all the shops in this country followed by Tootsie Rolls.  The usual outlet for American sweets has been a handful of online retailers . There also seem to be ebay retailers and Amazon selling American candy now. A lot of the smaller candy shops are carrying an American Candy section and locally in Oxfordshire, Sugar Rush Sweets; carry a large American section in their Carterton and Banbury shops.  In Witney, there is the Shake Shop that recently added an American section to their other interesting selections of British sweets.  Mark up is generally 100 per cent more than what most Americans are used to but with most airlines only allowing 1 checked bag internationally, gone are the days of filling up a second suitcase full of goodies to last throughout the year. This Halloween treat yourself to some American Candy!

(This post dedicated to my Mom, whose favourite chocolate was Asbach Urlaub -German chocolate!)


  1. Addicted to Ice Breakers Sours.

  2. I’m glad to read you again. Thanks for this post. Best for you Buddy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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