Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tesco Sells American Beef

While British Farmers are outraged that Tesco is selling American beef, I am overjoyed.  I have lived in Europe for 12 years now and find eating continental and UK beef a challenge.  I find it is tougher and less flavourful than American Beef.  The reason is that American beef is grain (corn) feed and British beef is grass fed. Supposedly the Americans also use hormones and tenderizing agents, although the Tesco imports are supposedly free of these. I ordered my American (branded Black Angus Sirloin or Ribeye) beef online.( Only some of the bigger Tescos carry it in store).  It is about $18 a pound (£24.99 per kilo) for the rib eye and a little less for the sirloin.  Definitely a bit dearer than buying a British ribeye which is around $11.50 per pound (£15.99 per kilo) and a whole lot dearer than American supermarket prices that range from $6-10 a pound.  Mind you, I won't be eating American steak every week but now prefer the every once in a while treat of a steak, at home with a baked potato and Caesar salad.  


  1. Am going to have to disagree on this one. It took me a short while to adjust to the difference in beef, but now I prefer the British beef over the American. When I go back to the States to visit - I search for grass fed beef, as I find grain fed to be lacking in flavour. Learned a lot by watching the documentary Food, Inc. as well, but I wouldn't watch it if you want to continue enjoying American beef. :-)

    Am enjoying your blog - always nice to find another American expat out there!

  2. Thanks! Always good to have a comment. I figured I might have some British farmers getting on me for this one. I did read about other folks, like yourself preferring the cleaner,healthier British beef. Might also be tempted to take a peek at the docu you mentioned.

  3. Shortly after writing this blog, Tesco discontinued their USDA Beef. I currently only know of a few steakhouses in London, like JW steakhouse and Goodmans that have USDA on their menu. Prices start at about £30.

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