Thursday, 6 October 2011

Made in the U.S.A.

     Poundland just opened a new store in Oxford City Centre in the Westgate Shopping Centre, where the Next Outlet use to be. The thing I love about Poundland and the 99p store is you just never know what you will find. I have found items that are from American shops, some that still show the dollar price tag. There was a Hannah Montana hairpiece from Sears (retail price $9.95) , American candles,  mountain dew soda and recently I found a pedicure machine from Rite aid all for 99p each..not bad when so many American product purchased here are so expensive due to taxes and transport fees. 
      I recently found a website that sells a few American products greatly reduced as well. The only catch is that they are expired products...the mac n cheese and root beer were a year expired but I guess they must still be fit for consumption as they can still legally sell them? Not sure if I am ready to try them just yet.    
     Occasionally I will look on ebay for American food....American candy bars are usually around £2 which is quite steep but if you really wanted a treat..might be justifiable....and American cake and bread mixes are quite commonly sold there as well.   All this blogging about American stuff makes me feel like I might need an American care package very soon. Also when you shop online at tesco you can put in 'American Groceries ' and get a selection of candy bars, sauces, and cereals. 

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  1. Just tonight I asked a friend who is flying to NY tomorrow to pick me up a butterfinger if he sees one and remembers. Then I got on here see a picture of a bag of butterfingers, then 2 other foodie blogsi follow both made baked goods with butterfingers. I think the universe is speaking to me!!
    Anyhow I'm going to have to give my local Pound stores a look!! thanks for the tip!! x