Monday, 24 June 2013

Moshi Monsters born in the UK!

My 7 year old is in the throws of  current Moshi Monster craze. She had a Moshi Monster birthday party with 2 of her classmates and just recently upgraded to a temporary paid membership and wants to go on it everyday before it expires.  Moshi monsters are all a part of the virtual pet craze that has included the likes of webkinz and club penguin.  It's been around for about 5 years but what makes it a bit more interesting, unlike the other virtual crazes,  this one is home grown in the UK. I assumed wrongly that it was a US invention and was surprised that it was no where near as big in the U.S., as it is over here in UK. McDonalds tried to make it more popular in the U.S. by putting Moshi Monsters in its happy meals, but it doesn't seem to have taken over like it has here. There probably isn't a kid in the UK ,between the ages of 4-10 that doesn't know what Moshi or Moshling is. It just keeps getting bigger, with new branded products everyday. A lot of the monsters are parodies of famous people and places, which makes it fun with the likes of Dustbin Beaver and Simon Growl. I now know a little bit about Katsuma, Iggy and Poppet but my daughter laughs at me because I keep calling it mushi monsters instead of it moshi monsters. I told her that's how you say it with an American accent! 

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