Friday, 1 July 2011

Polony Bologna

My favorite sandwich as a kid was bologna with mayo and pickle.  I had a revelation this morning when I opened a small sausage like package of Pologny Slicing Sausage and found out it is just like a good American Bologna. Evidently, the Brits have been eating it since about the 16th Century.  It was the Tesco Value Brand (I love Supermarket value brands)....150g for 54p.  My bologna has a 'new' first name.


  1. That's funny! I haven't had bologna in years. Next you will be talking about eating Spam. Doesn't anybody still eat that?

  2. Must do, as they still sell it everywhere including here. We were a bit nostalgic a few months ago and had some.....I couldn't finish mine and won't be having anymore, if I can help it.